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Beyond the headlines

As we continue to ramp up our editorial efforts, we have endeavoured to define exactly what constitutes an Orato story.

With traditional news media, your relationship with the organization starts and stops with the content you consume. At Orato World Media, we aren’t satisfied with that approach.

Journalism is facing a trust crisis in the digital era. From the proliferation of fake news to journalism that cares more about clicks than content, the problems facing newsrooms are clear, but the road to redemption is shrouded in fog. We recognize this news calamity and are working tirelessly to build a light capable of piercing that fog.

So, what exactly does Orato mean and what are we trying to accomplish?

We are the first organization dedicated entirely to verified first-person non-fiction stories. Beyond the English edition, we are one of the few organizations that provide multilingual content in our interview subjects’ native languages. We strive to bring people together to learn more about one another, because, no matter where we reside, we all share common values. We celebrate the important role journalists play in open democracies and engage freelancers on a platform that prioritizes the user experience.

The road to trust in the digital era is wrought with detours and dead ends. But we think it’s a road worth traveling. And we hope you do too.

How you can help

Whether you’re a journalist, a photographer, or a reader dedicated to our cause, we need your help.

We are investing more time, effort, and money into growing our legions of engaged and global freelance journalists, photographers, and videographers.

We compensate our freelancers for their work because they are our ears, eyes, and boots on the ground who verify the veracity of our stories and helping produce the stories so we can trust all the stories we read on Orato.

If you have a story idea that needs to be told, let us help you tell it. You can use our pitch story form to submit your idea for consideration or claim a story idea if you want to write for us.

Regardless of your motivation for joining the Orato community, we couldn’t be happier to have you here.

Let’s work together to make the world a better place by giving everyone the opportunity to be heard.

Parker is the Newsletter Editor of Orato World Media and brings years of journalism and communications experience to the team.

In his previous role, Parker was instrumental in bringing a team of veteran journalists into the digital era.