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We’re growing, together

We appreciate your dedication to Orato. We are eternally grateful to provide a platform for your storytelling.

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As we put the goodbye hat on 2020, I wanted to take a moment to thank you.

But first, I’m going to be selfish for a moment. Let’s look beyond the countless world-breaking headlines that 2020 saw, and instead shift our focus to this little but fast-growing start-up Orato World Media. It has been a tremendous year of growth for us. We’ve hired a team of engaged professionals to capitalize on our collective goal; we’ve heard 40 impactful stories that have given us a reason to pause and reflect; and we’ve been able to achieve what we have because of you, our army of freelance journalists.

Several of you have written for us multiple times. Some of you have written one article, and some have yet to work with us. Regardless of the category, you find yourself in, thank you. We appreciate your dedication to Orato. We are eternally grateful to provide a platform for your storytelling.

And, if you haven’t written for us yet, what are you waiting for? Let’s end the year with more great first-person content and start 2021 in the same fashion.

Tips to improve your copy

We always accept compelling first-person story pitches provided the narrative is event-based. Consider this example, if you will: Jeff doesn’t like dogs.

Is it relatable? To some people, it is. But is it a story? Sorry, Jeff. You’re probably a great guy, but I have 200 other notifications on my cellphone right now that are more pressing than a story about you not liking dogs.

But what if the story isn’t about the fact that Jeff doesn’t like dogs? What if it’s about the crystallizing moment in his life when Becky’s chihuahua bit his big toe and cost him the W in his football match the next afternoon? What if that’s what brewed this ever-burning hatred-meets-fear potion that Jeff sips every night before bed?

That story is profoundly more compelling. The meat and potatoes of the story are the same, but the sauce in which it’s served adds flavor.

So, let’s hear it. What is your Jeff 2.0 story?

Parker is the Newsletter Editor of Orato World Media and brings years of journalism and communications experience to the team.

In his previous role, Parker was instrumental in bringing a team of veteran journalists into the digital era.