Ready to reach wider base

Orato is ready to grow and expand our reach in the North American journalism community.

Out of tumultuous times often comes change for the better.

With the propaganda scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica and the 2016 U.S. election, weaponizing fake news to influence decisions has become big business.

By providing vetted and fact-checked first-person non-fiction stories, we are looking to be the antidote to this tsunami of B.S. flowing in from these content farming sites.

One of our key areas of focus is to bring first-person accounts from major news events from around the world, soon after they occur. We want to take readers inside those events, to feel what it was like to be right in the middle of history unfolding.

We’ve published 40 new stories since returning to the web in October 2020 split equally between Spanish and English as the writer’s native language.

A screen grab from Google Data Studio showing users spread out around the world.

If you look at our geographic users’ heat map, you’ll see that we have penetrated almost every country and region in the world. We’ve also managed to attract writers from Africa, South America, North America, the Philippines, and more. Our work to source and assign stories has led to at least one story in each major category in our menu.

Our newsletter editor has worked hard to acquire nearly 100 early adopters as subscribers to our bi-weekly newsletter.

But we’re next hoping to go even bigger in North America.

We’ve been actively reaching out to the top thinkers in digital journalism in hopes of spawning growth and awareness in Canada and the U.S. among journalists and others in the industry. We also want to expand our readership there.

If you are part of our North American audience, let us know the kinds of stories you’d like us to explore in the comments below.

John K. White is the managing editor of Orato Media.

John is a communications veteran who has been developing editorial content and direction since 1992.

He has been an editor, media consultant, and president/founder of two online media companies. He was nominated for the 2018 Aberdeen Publishing Columnist Award by BCYCNA.