Tinodaishe Mukarati in her greenhouse at her hydroponic farm in Zimbabwe
The first time we harvested, it felt so good to win; to hold the entitlement of our achievement. The veggies we grew were for family consumption, but soon we realized we could commercialize our small space and sell to others. We took our produce to market and people liked it.
Seedballs are seeds of indigenous trees coated with charcoal dust, which protects them from the environment until conditions are favorable for germination
In this Instagram generation, everything is so fast and so quick. You want your tree to be 10 feet tall by morning. However, nature moves at its own pace, and growth takes a little longer.
I teach possibilities. Dreaming is possible, and I let children dream in my class. Hundreds of children have passed through this dance program. They’ve learned much more than just steps; they’re dancing their way out of hopelessness. 
Sourou's next goal is competing in the 2022 World Tango Championship
As I researched tango, I discovered a much more intense emotional connection than I had known until then. I realized that tango is much more than knowledge of a well-executed technique. I think it has to do with the connection of souls through time, and that it can happen in any corner of the world with people from different cultures.
Within a minute, I felt the bus sliding toward the left and almost instantly, it overturned completely into the river. Screams filled the air, with many calling the name of Jesus Christ to save us.