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Orato is Latin for 'Speak'

As traditional news media organizations become more polarized or implode altogether, the number of people seeking objective news sources grows. The confluence of this desire mixed with emerging and proven revenue models create a tipping point for Orato.

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Before this triathlon, my life was empty, and I needed to take a resounding turn.

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Nicolas Preci photo of an elder giving a blessing.
We appreciate your dedication to Orato. We are eternally grateful to provide a platform for your storytelling.
A photo illustration of a journalist taking notes.
Armed with insight and inspiration from Maria Ressa, our fight against the weaponization of fake news continues.
A screen grab from a video featuring Maria Ressa from Rappler.
Let’s take this year by the horns and tell more newsworthy and compelling first-person stories. Because, at the end of the day, that’s why we’re all here.

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