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Orato is Latin for 'I Speak'

Orato World Media presents true stories from and about real people. Our subjects are the witnesses, the whistleblowers, the victims, and the victorious. Our expansive network of journalists across the globe, combined with audience reach in 191 countries, makes us a powerful, emerging media channel with a unique mission – to restore trust in newsworthy events while bridging and healing the human divide. A new voice in news, Orato’s appeal shows results. With 18 to 44-year-olds comprising our fastest growing audience, and the largest percentage of our contributors, Orato IS the voice of a new generation of reporters giving a voice to the voiceless in a sea of misinformation.

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I feel helpless. The most undesirable, high-risk job is the only one in my country that allows me to bring food to the table, so I do it. I die every day, but at least my family is living.

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