Woman diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 37 years old: ‘That feeling of not wanting to live anymore disappeared’

One day, I came across a story on the internet from an autistic woman in another part of the world. A sense of identification resonated deeply inside me. Taking those concerns to my therapist, I heard a devastating message: You can’t be autistic. You communicate well, work, and are financially independent. To other people, those achievements overrode the possibility of...

Taliban soldiers killed people before his eyes, now this Afghani college student dreams again

Consumed by chaos, the scene before me erupted in gunfire, smoke, blood, and the sounds of screaming. The city plummeted into total darkness as citizens tried to save their own lives. I watched as people handed their babies over to the U.S. military in hopes of protecting them. We watched the Taliban shoot people right in front of our eyes.

Where is democracy headed in France? Protester recounts harrowing police violence

One day, during another protest, I spotted a man getting doused with water by a cannon. Protesters approached to help the man down. I stood a few feet away, filming the scene. At that moment, police officers fired an MP7 grenade at me, which hit my body before falling back to my feet. It hadn’t yet exploded, so I protected...

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At 58, Kayo Ozaki will become the first Japanese woman to solo circumnavigate the globe

Onboard the Nausikaa, I disconnect from everything in the outside world. I love that about sailing. The closeness to nature grounds me, as the ocean, sky, birds, and marine life visit me like old friends. A sense of fulfillment follows me. People ask, “Don’t you feel lonely?” I do not. I love the isolation.

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