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Orato is Latin for 'Speak'

As traditional news media organizations become more polarized or implode altogether, the number of people seeking objective news sources grows. The confluence of this desire mixed with emerging and proven revenue models create a tipping point for Orato.

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Someone has to come by and see us, we thought. Instantly my mind repeated, You are not destined to stay on this island forever, Julia. There is still hope.

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Orato captured the first-person story of Jack Musyoka who survived the attack on Garissa Moi University. | Photo by Grandmother Africa
No longer will borders, pigmentation, linguistics, or political separations pit us against one another. We will make progress together through truth. Orato is Latin for speak and that is what we do every day. We speak. Better yet, we pass the mic to the powerless and to those who are actively working to change the world.

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