Former soccer club press officer wins battle against coach in sexual abuse case

My behavior began to change, and I no longer felt like going to work. A week after he joined the club, I started parking in a different spot to avoid him. I felt constantly terrified of running into Jorge and getting raped. Every time I left my office, I trembled at the thought of him lurking in the hallway.

Why is the Opioid Epidemic NOT a TOP global priority?

Stretching across continents like an unstoppable force, this is a harrowing tale of human suffering. From Australia to Africa, no part of the world is spared, representing a catastrophic failure of governance and global priorities.

Deceived and deployed: Man lured to Russia under false pretenses dies in Ukrainian airstrike

In January, we cried on call as he described the war injuries his friends suffered, some of whom underwent amputations. He pleaded with us to bring him home, but it was too late. Russians confiscated his passport, severing his contact with us, leaving Hemil in a desperate state. 

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Airplane dives mid-flight, passengers hit the ceiling and doctor springs into action

Suddenly, a sharp jolt sent a strange tingling sensation through my stomach. I looked up to see the passenger next to me briefly suspended in mid-air, weightless and in slow motion.

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