Our Team

Sam Yehia

Sam Yehia

Founder & Publisher — Canada

Sam is a proven entrepreneurial leader with more than 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry and real estate developments in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Sam founded the Cambie Malone’s Group of Companies in 1990 and established several highly successful brands employing some 250 staff, generating $25M in annual sales in a portfolio of high-value real estate assets, all of which he retired from in early 2019.

Orato Media, in its first iteration, was created by Sam in the late 1990s based on his experiences in the entertainment industry. He learned there was keen interest in first-person, non-fiction stories from real people when he invited the press to interview the jazz greats he was booking into entertainment venues in B.C. and Alberta. The stories of their lives were captivating and generated enthusiasm for the performances.

Nominated for a Webby Award, the original Orato website provided high-quality content, validated and fact-checked by traditional journalists who assisted with polishing citizen-told stories from around the world. Juggling the priorities of 13 businesses concurrently with the growing demands of the Orato site became complicated, and therefore the “day jobs” took precedence.

It is an unprecedented period in history as we face issues like the degradation of our environment, systemic racial inequalities, ethnic cleansing, and collapsed economies.

Sam felt it was time to rebuild and relaunch Orato to bring true stories from real people so that every man, woman, and child can be heard.

John K. White

John K. White

Managing Editor — Canada

John is a journalism veteran who has been developing editorial content and direction since 1992.

He has been an editor, media consultant, and president/founder of two online media companies. He was nominated for the 2018 Aberdeen Publishing Columnist Award by BCYCNA.

He is thrilled to be leading the push to tell true stories from real people from all over the world.

Aurèlie Msiza

Aurèlie Msiza

Administration & Journalist Ambassador — South Africa

Aurelie is a student at Lincoln Memorial University pursuing a B.S in Computer Science and a Minor in artificial intelligence.

She has more than three years prior experience in office administration and two years in web development and design.

She is the lead administrator and journalist ambassador at Orato World Media Inc. having previously worked as a social media manager for more than three years and public relations officer for two-plus years on campaigns such as The Twenty-First-Century African Youth Movement, Ezinhle Projects and Management, Chateau Allure, Miss Virtual Africa, and more.

Stefano Porcile

Stefano Porcile

Spanish Language Editor — Argentina

Stefano has more than 10 years of experience working in communication strategies, content, social media, and journalism.

He speaks five languages and is an expert in digital journalism and content management.

Stefano tiene más de 10 años de experiencia trabajando en estrategias de comunicación, redes sociales y medios de todo el mundo.

Habla cinco idiomas y se especializa en periodismo digital y gestión de contenidos.

Richard Storey

Richard Storey

Legal — Canada

Richard is a lawyer educated in both finance and law.

Rick holds a degree in economics from Simon Fraser University, an MBA from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand (a joint Kellog/Wharton school), completed at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University in Chicago, and a law degree from Cambridge University in England. In addition, he has an MA (Cantab) from Cambridge University.

Law is Rick’s second career. He worked in the world of financial derivatives (futures, forwards, options, swaps etc.) for Refco Group and Man Financial. In that role, he traded derivatives and managed risk for large Canadian and U.S. corporations. During that time Rick also taught market risk management to members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Canada.

Karen E. Peterson

Karen E. Peterson

Project Support — Canada

Karen’s entrepreneurial beginnings morphed into project management and program development over her career leading her to roles with major construction and infrastructure projects and working as a leader with business associations.

Her understanding of business operations was put to the test while working to develop programs to mitigate the impacts on more than 1,000 businesses spanning five major commercial corridors during a 4 year, 19 km rapid transit construction project.

In recent years she has worked as a liaison between clients and service providers within the provincial health authority information management and information technology realm. Her work to support Orato comes from her instinct to listen to people — to hear them truly — and understand their needs.

An example of how she takes action based on truly hearing was when she assisted with the build of one of the largest Ronald McDonald Houses in the world, taking into account the clients at every step in choosing furnishings, fixtures, and equipment and interviewing health care providers, volunteers and families to fully comprehend and plan for their needs.