Once you’re approved as an Orato contributor, you will be invited by Orato’s leadership to join our “Inside Orato” Slack workspace. This is a private, online group where all our freelancers engage with one another and with our editors, foreign correspondents, publisher, CEO, and staff. 

Inside Orato is our virtual gathering place. There are three channels:

  • Story Ideas for Writers: This channel is like a news ticker for written story ideas. Orato staffers will link to news stories that have “Orato” potential, which writers can use as inspiration for finding interview subjects and pitching stories for publication.
  • Assignments for Photographers and Videographers: This channel serves a similar purpose, but is aimed at the visual, multi-media journalists on our freelance team. Orato staffers will link to world news events that have “Orato” potential, which photographers and videographers can use as inspiration for pitching photo galleries and/or video coverage for publication.
  • Orato News and Announcements: This channel will act as our “virtual watercooler,” a place to connect with each other and for the Orato staff to share company news, updates and announcements, such as our top story of the month, potential future updates to the Orato experience, and, eventually, virtual events and webinars with topics like “Meet the Journalist” and “What Makes an Orato Story.”  Freelancers are welcome to ask questions, give feedback and engage with each other and staffers.

All contributors are encouraged and expected to engage in Inside Orato.