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We need countries to Communicate, Coordinate, and Cooperate in making meaningful change! COVID-19 rocked our fragile planet. Without a coordinated vaccination program for all citizens in all countries, variant viruses like Delta, originating in India, will continue to mutate, orbit, and threaten the world. Some developed countries are awakening to this fact with evidence of early coordination efforts.

Due to the evolution of technology, travel, and communication, we do not live in silos, separate and isolated from one another. We are inhabitants who share similar values and lives in a global village and that village is threatened by common challenges. Unless we coordinate our efforts to confront and overcome these threats, our adversaries – even biological ones – will win.

This is a shortlist of challenges we, as humans, face simultaneously and which require coordinated efforts to overcome:
– Global warming
– Global and domestic terrorism
– Pandemics
– Child labor
– Misinformation, irresponsible media, and poor journalism practices
– Internet practices like data privacy, algorithms, advertising, cybercrime, and extremists

Why should we care?

Every day, at Orato World Media, we have the rare privilege of speaking to, working with, and hearing from journalists and story subjects from every corner of the globe. When COVID hit, we were not isolated. Professional investigative journalists sent us COVID stories from real human beings out of India, Kenya, Argentina, Sweden, Pakistan, America, Zimbabwe, Chile, and more.

Our hearts were moved and our souls were stirred. Every week we learn about world events. This learning opens our minds to the truth of our global society, and the impact world issues have on each of us, wherever we reside. We see the intense disparities from nation to nation. This compels us to pursue change.

We would like to harness our power as individuals by demanding our sovereign right to be heard and by engaging citizens around the globe to collectively use their voice to urge our elected officials to ‘communicate, coordinate and cooperate.’ We must demand they take action on issues that threaten us all collectively and simultaneously as part of a global community committed to lasting change.

Pledge to be a #ConsciousCitizen today and demand #GlobalCooperationNow! by signing this petition. Sign Our Petition.