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Orato World Media publishes first-person news, stories written and verified by a journalist in the voice of the interview subject who experienced the event. Unlike citizen journalism, Orato contributors are obligated to adhere to all the traditional values and guidelines of responsible and ethical journalism.

As a global, digital news outlet, Orato boasts audience reach in every country in the world and has qualified contributors on every continent. We move beyond the headlines and offer in-depth coverage of newsworthy events. Orato stories allow us to relate to one another more meaningfully, not only as individuals but as human beings with compassion and empathy who share common values.

Orato is an approved content provider for Google News, Samsung News, NewsNow, and Upday; and has offered internships in this emerging form of journalism at colleges and universities around the globe.

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Orato World Media will be the go-to news source where individuals experiencing world events can share their verified, truthful experiences with a global audience.

Our readers gain a greater understanding of the world events and issues that challenge us. Orato will renew the public’s trust in digital media by delivering true stories from real people.


Orato World Media gives people anywhere in the world, without prejudice or discrimination, a trusted platform in which their true experiences can be shared with a qualified journalist through a rigorous interview and verification process.

Orato provides state-of-the-art journalistic and technical support to its contributors so they can capture, and share verified, factual, eyewitness accounts of world events. By reading first-hand human experiences, Orato readers grow closer to their fellow humans through knowledge, understanding, and truth – thus reducing the cultural and philosophical separations that divide us.

Orato combats fake news and takes ownership of that which is real, verifiable, sound, honest, and legitimate.


Orato’s staff, administrators, board members, volunteers, and contributors share certain values:

• To honor the truth and share eyewitness experiences with an open mind.
• To tell the stories that are not being told fairly and transparently.
• To seek out the truth and challenge the dissemination of false information, exaggeration, manipulation, and distortion.
• To help eliminate the misuse of social media accounts that have skewed reality to the benefit of some and to the loss of many.
• To re-establish trust in media.


In the late ’90s, with the advent of the internet, Sam Yehia, working with a team of globally situated editors, artists, and journalists, launched a digital media platform based on first-person storytelling.

In the ensuing five years, Orato garnered a lot of attention but was unable to find a sustainable revenue model at a time when digital advertising and subscription models had not yet been established.

After selling all his businesses in 2019 and when the world was shuttered by the global pandemic in 2020, based on the deteriorating state of news media worldwide, Yehia decided to relaunch Orato World Media as a non-profit endeavor. As he explained; “Lifting the human voice so we, as fellow humans, can better understand the challenges that others are experiencing is too important to be exploited for profit.” The epiphany of that realization reset the stage for the relevancy and timeliness of Orato’s concept today.

With the growing prominence of AI, misinformation, skewed and obfuscated facts, and so-called “fake news,” many of us have lost trust in media thereby motivating us to search for alternate sources.

With all the competing “truths” circulating, no matter how well respected a media brand has become, conventional journalism struggles to compete and attract the attention of viewers as it once enjoyed in print, radio, and television industries before the advent of the internet.

As the manipulation of facts and information is revealed, it does not change the fact that readers are still hungry for the truth, but where do they find it?

At Orato our readers subscribe to the belief that ensuring verifiable truth in the dissemination of news and information is critical to a thriving, open, and free democracy. That’s why those who seek a true understanding of the human plight embrace the content we feature on Orato.

Giving readers the confidence that they can trust what they are reading, hearing, or watching will not be simple but, I believe Orato World Media has developed an editorial model that will win adopters in great numbers, early and often.”

— Sam Yehia, Orato World Media

With the benefit of technology, we are a global community. We saw this with COVID-19, recent wars and conflict zones, and our shared grappling around the world with issues like ethnic cleansing, demographical manipulation, corruption, police brutality and racism, to name a few. Everyone has been touched in some way by the impacts of these events.

There is no better time than now to share trustworthy stories that help us understand what our fellow human beings experience around the world.
Orato will be the de facto site to find captivating, honest, first-person accounts from real people.

Our Contributors

Many people have contributed to this website and we are thankful for their hard work.

Adriana Fabiola Nino Camargo

Alganon Vigedi

Andrea Barragán

Angelo Ancheta

Arbjona Çibuku

Ariana Berroteran

Team Members

Ece Alyamac

Foreign Correspondent
Ireland, Turkey

Ece Alyamac is a journalist and an integrated communications professional with a specialization in marketing, advertising, and corporate communications. Ece…

Manus Boyle

Foreign Correspondent

Manus Boyle is a multimedia journalist based in Dublin, Ireland. He holds a double honors degree in English and History…

Mahasen Hawary

Foreign Correspondent
Egypt, London

Mahasen Hawary is an Egyptian journalist and writer currently based in London, England. Mahasen has contributed to prominent Egyptian newspapers…

Mudassir Haider

Foreign Correspondent and Editor

Mudassir Haider is a distinguished political analyst and journalist holding double majors in Political Science and International Relations from prestigious…

Priyanka Chandani

Foreign Correspondent

Priyanka Chandani is a multimedia journalist and a counseling psychologist. She graduated with a degree in the humanities and majored…

Md. Azmul Hosen Titu

Webmaster & System Administrator

Md. Azmul Hosen Titu is a highly motivated and experienced Webmaster with System Administrator expertise, with over 12 years of experience in…

Dave Levinthal

Editor-in-Chief, Raw Story
United States

Dave Levinthal leads Raw Story's newsroom as editor-in-chief and oversees its investigations and enterprise reporting. Based in Washington, D.C., Dave…

Aaron Chimbel

Dean, St. Bonventure University School of Communication
United States

Aaron Chimbel serves as dean and professor at St. Bonaventure University’s Jandoli School of Communication, where he oversees curriculum, faculty,…

Matthew Solomon

Filmmaker, Author, Integrated leadership consultant
United States

Matthew Solomon is the director of the acclaimed documentary, "Reimagining Safety," the author of the best-selling book: "Man School: Relating…

Geraldina Guerra Garcés

President, Fundación ALDEA

Geraldina Guerra Garcés is a feminist and women’s rights advocate in Ecuador. With more than 17 years of experience advocating…

Dr. Tinashe Goronga

Co-Founder, Centre for Health Equity in Zimbabwe

Dr. Tinashe Goronga is a medical doctor with a master’s degree in public health. He co-founded the Centre for Health…

Ugochi Anyaka-Oluigbo

Foreign Correspondent and Editor

Ugochi Anyaka-Oluigbo is a multi-media environmental journalist and international storyteller who has visited rugged terrain to share underrepresented stories. She…

Daniella Mejia

Senior Editor, Orato World Media

Daniella Mejia, a business administration graduate with dual specializations in international business and digital marketing, boasts over five years of…

Yamila Batalla

Administrator, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Journalist Ambassador

Yamila Batalla is a Social Anthropologist from La Plata University, in Argentina.She has more than two years of experience in…

Pamela H. Say

CEO, Orato World Media; President, Orato World Media Foundation

Pamela H. Say, MBA, CFRE is a veteran administrator, nationally published author, speaker, and consultant. She served in higher education…

Aurèlie Msiza

Outreach and Partnerships Manager, Orato World Media; Secretary, Orato World Media Foundation

Aurélie Msiza is a Senior at Lincoln Memorial University pursuing a B.S. in computer science specializing in software engineering. She…

Sam Yehia

Publisher, Orato World Media; Board Chair and Treasurer, Orato World Media Foundation

As a proven entrepreneurial leader with more than 40 years of experience, Sam Yehia demonstrated his knack for identifying and…

Dr. Ebere Okereke

FFPHM, MSc (PH), DTM&H, MB, BS, CEO, Africa Public Health Foundation

Dr. Ebere Okereke is a public health physician with extensive experience in public health policy, strategy, and program development and…