Over 1,300 people died in Saudi Arabia’s Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca: eye witness recounts events

On my first day at the camp, an elderly woman and I spent two hours walking back to the site after completing our rituals. With limited transportation and overpriced taxis, we found ourselves walking everywhere. The absence of nearby shopping facilities only compounded our difficulties, and the heat magnified the problem.

“I decided to go to hell and get my family out:” man returns to Sudan in the midst of war

There, in the Al-Azhari neighborhood, one of the southern districts of the capital of Khartoum, we sat a mere two kilometers from the war's epicenter. We heard all manner of gunfire, aerial bombardments, and ground anti-aircraft weapons. At the heart of the war's outbreak, with no means of escape, we monitored the situation via satellite.

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Raising kids while sailing the world: Family’s epic adventure from Buenos Aires to French Polynesia

On this adventure, we tour islands and bays, learn sailing skills, and fish for lunch. We cook with local products, swim, float, and walk through jungle trails to beaches and waterfalls. We play guitar, do yoga, and read books. On the deck, we sunbathe, fall in love with the sunsets, and see the starry skies.

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