Pitch Stories


Journalists play a crucial role in a free democracy. And establishing Orato.world into a global brand as a financially sustainable media platform aids in making journalists indispensable in a free democracy.

With the guiding principle of full transparency, we extend this offer so our journalists can claim their rightful place as agents of truth.

We are open to negotiating your pay-scale for the commissioned story and what we offer publicly is the minimum we will pay. However, based on the compelling nature, the scope of the story pitch, and potential reach of the story subjects, we will, in good faith, negotiate a mutually agreeable, equitable, and higher pay-scale.

Our story mandate

We welcome all non-fiction, first-person story ideas.

Stories should have a crystallizing moment and feature an emotional anchor that drives the narrative. This gripping reality should be clear in the story pitch so editors can gauge the impact of the event on the story subject.

Whether you have an interest in writing yourself or know of someone who has a true, non-fiction story that deserves to be told so it can be broadcast to the world, let us know.

We do not accept “memoir-style” story pitches. We need an unbiased, unconnected freelancer assigned to the story to ensure verification and fact-checking are completed at arm’s-length from the story subject. 

Tenga en cuenta que si tiene una historia para presentar en español, vaya a la página correspondiente al idioma.

To enrich the production quality, stories must include a complement of multimedia assets such as photo(s), video(s), and audio clip(s) whenever possible. However, at the minimum, every story submitted must include a featured jpeg image sized 1280×960 pixels at 100 dpi for standard length stories or a minimum of two images for long-reads.

The editors will decide if a story should be expanded to long-read length after the pitch has been accepted.

Stories approved by the editors will be publicly viewable on the storyboard page, so guard against adding private information in this step.

  • Standard-length stories pay $25 USD* (minimum 500 words)
  • Long-read stories pay $100 USD* (minimum 2,000 words)

Payments are made to the freelancer via an electronic transfer or a recognized payment platform such as PayPal once the story is assigned by an editor.

Freelancers from Canada will receive payment in Canadian funds, and all others will be paid in U.S. dollars. Freelancers from Canada will receive payment in Canadian funds, and all others will be paid in U.S. dollars.