About the program

The program constitutes a semester-long internship, with start dates in the spring and fall semesters. Each internship runs for approximately 12 weeks. A maximum of 20 juniors and seniors will be selected from collegiate journalism programs around the world by Orato’s publisher, CEO, editorial, and marketing teams. This is a fully remote internship that utilizes a digital work environment.

What an Intern can expect

The Inside Orato: Writer’s Workshop and Internship Program is a 12-week, global internship experience where junior and senior journalism students earn 100+ internship hours while gaining bylines for internationally-published stories. Orato World Media presents true stories about real people written and verified by journalists. As we are embraced by faculty and journalism schools around the world, we have realized that first-person journalism is often a novel skill.

Workshop Format

We begin the internship in a workshop format, delivered through a series of screencast videos accessible in any time zone or geographic region. Interns will attend sessions such as About Orato & the five critical elements of a first-person news story; Identifying a topic and finding a subject; The importance of verification, background, and subject information; Making your pitch; Conducting an Orato-style interview; Writing the story; and finally, Submitting and the editorial process.

One-on-One Coaching

Throughout the workshop portion of the internship, participants will receive one-on-one coaching and conversation sessions with the Publisher, CEO, and Managing Editor. They will engage in our virtual office environment (Slack) on a regular basis. Here they will engage our team as well as journalists, photographers, and videographers globally. Before working on stories that will be published at Orato, interns will practice what they learned by interviewing one another and writing a test story in the Orato style. They will be supported every step of the way.

Next, interns move into story production. They will begin pitching stories through our real-time story production process with a minimum goal of writing and publishing 2-3 stories and an ideal goal of publishing 3-5 stories. Interns are paid for their published pieces and receive support from the editorial team throughout. After the internship, they have the option to remain a vetted journalist and can pitch and write for Orato at their leisure. All interns will be exposed to a successful, global, digital news outlet with expansive audience reach in 191 countries.

Contact pamela.say@orato.world if interested.