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In the historic center of the ancient city of Toledo, Spain, sitting above the plains of Castilla La Mancha, a shop called Artesanía Tradicional Toledana features artisanal practitioners like Óscar Martin. The shop and its artists keep ancient crafts alive despite industrialization and offer workshops to further the old ways.
Immediately after the attempted assassination, an estimated half a million people took to the streets in Buenos Aires. Leaders of the ruling and opposition parties called for "improved democratic coexistence" to strengthen democracy. President Fernández urged, "We can disagree, we can have deep disagreements, but hate speech cannot take place because it breeds violence and there is no chance of violence coexisting with democracy."
Traveling along a road in El Salvador with Don Jenaro Ramirez, a man with dark hair and native Salvadoran features, a large volcanic chain can be seen looming above. At 29, he calls the area, “quiet, nice, and touristy,” but he also recalls the earthquakes and landslides of 1982, where vegetable growers who lived along the base died underground.
While pedaling the stationary bike in Mexico, a 75-year-old man arrived with his grandson. He told me, “I couldn't bring you more than a kilo of beans because at home I only have two.” I felt relieved he could not see my eyes watering. Many times, I have witnessed that those who have the least, give the most.
Whether under the scorching summer sun or in the cold winter wind, there is no other feeling like embracing the fertile environment. Nature has that ability to fill you with life. I feel a strong responsibility to respond to the environment by working with organic alternatives to grow crops without chemicals.
Thanks to the work and effort of the Andean Condor Conservation Project, hundreds of the world's largest flying birds were reinserted into their respective habitats, after being assisted and cured.