Shahad Bedair, one of the very first female tour guides in Saudi Arabia, leads a group of tourists around Alula
One day in the city, I came upon a tour guide. The courage to approach him escaped me. Men do not like that anyway. Instead, I observed him from a distance. He stood in the middle of a group of people telling stories. His eyes filled with passion. Everyone around him listened intently, and he appeared to love his job. The idea of being a tour guide thrilled me.
News reports from around the world began to reveal a disturbing trend last year in Qatar - the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In the last 10 years, since the announcement of the World Cup in Qatar, at least 6,500 migrant workers died there.
In West Bengal, human-elephant conflict worsens each year as Asiatic elephants from the Dalma forest roam freely. With the onset of winter, the elephants destroy paddy fields, agricultural produce, and the mud huts of the local villagers.
For seven hours, my newborn body lay in the ground. When my aunt dug out the grave in the middle of the night, she found me breathing... I cannot say how many awards I have won. Even Queen Elizabeth honored me with a gold medal in 1985... but my most important achievement is that no more girls are being killed in the Sapera community of Rajasthan.
Bus collision in India leaves 15 dead and 40 injured
I soon saw police and security personnel pulling the bodies of the driver and conductor from the mangled front end of the bus using gas cutters. While I did not sustain critical injuries, I could not handle the deafening sound of the crash and the cries of the passengers. Casting my eyes on the horrible sight, I believed everything was ending right there in front of me.
One of Professor Yashwant Dattatreya Pitkar's students sketches a fountain pen they designed
The key to opening some of life’s most difficult doors can come in the form of a beautiful handwriting style. In the age of supercomputers and smartphones, this critical skill has dwindled. When I step in front of an audience for a public talk or deliver a workshop to students at an architectural school, people become eager to take up the use of fountain pens.
I grabbed the tiger’s cotton-like, soft skin as I breathed in the smell of the beast. My companions fled to the other boat, still shouting at the top of their lungs. As I tried to knock the tiger out of the boat, it sank its teeth into my skull.
Mohammad Jamal Molla serves as a third generation Kadhim at Qadam Rasul Mosque
When I arrive in the morning, I take the sacred footprint and mount it on a marble pedestal with the same fervor for religion as my predecessors. I light incense, sprinkle rose water, and rub perfume on the tablet, before performing the traditional Dua-e-Fathia prayer. Then I open the doors of the mosque for visitors.
Otari Gurjar left life as a dacoit and turned to farming
An NGO that worked for water conservation pursued me after my release from jail. They came and spoke to me about ensuring water availability for farming on my land. They made me talk to people who built structures to tackle water shortage. This opened my eyes to new possibilities.