Tribal farmers in the Koraput region in India cultivate traditional rice types
In my lab at the Central University of Odisha, over three years, I collected and studied more than 130 essential genetic resources for rice from tribal pockets. I continue to discover new types with high tolerance to drought. With my research now revealed, we must take action to protect these priceless resources in their natural environment.
Rica Aquino is both a professional boxer and a violinist
I played violin professionally with the prestigious Manila Symphony Orchestra, one of the oldest orchestras in Asia. However, there came a point when I needed change. Yearning for something different, I quit the orchestra and began exploring the world of fighting sports.
Kabul, Afghanistan in 2020. On Aug. 15, 2021, the Taliban entered the city to complete their re-conquest of Afghanistan
I ask, “Why am I alive,” when I cannot study, work, or even move about. For 20 years, I have dreamed. Every single second—every moment of my life—I was proud to be a woman in Afghanistan. Now, we are left with nothing but a grim life and dread of the future.
Dr. Kafeel Khan at the Gorakhpur hospital in 2017.
The cops stripped me naked and beat me with sticks and belts. I'd cry, scream, beg — urinating was severely painful. They didn't give me water and food for five days. I had to chew my clothes. I was in so much pain I could have eaten grass.