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We invite you to scroll through our list of available English-language stories in the storyboard embedded below.

We ask that you only attempt to claim one story at a time and see it through to publication before claiming another story.

If you find a current story that interests you and know someone who was either involved in the periphery of that newsworthy event, was an eyewitness or a victim of that occurrence who may be able to provide a first-person account, click on the story for more details.

You can use the search and sort tools within the embedded form to narrow your focus. You can also use the ‘Filter’ tool to narrow down results by country.

When you decide you want to claim the story, click on the “Claim Story” button to let us know you are interested in being engaged and be compensated to produce that story.

In your email body, list your qualifications to tell this story, and link to any previous writing examples and your bio or portfolio page, if possible. 

We are looking for a freelancer who can reach out to the person or persons mentioned in the story sample link — or someone who has experienced something similar to the suggested story or is connected to that story theme — for a first-person narrative.

You will be responsible for fact-checking, researching, and writing the story draft, not to mention, confirming the identity of the interview subject(s), obtaining their statutory declaration confirming the accuracy of their story, and providing the complimenting multimedia assets (such as photographs, video and or audio clips).

  • Normal-length stories (500 words minimum) pay $25 USD*
  • Long-form stories (2,000 words minimum) pay $100 USD*

*Pay scale open to negotiation depending on the scale, time of work, and potential reach of the story subject. Freelancers from Canada will receive payment in Canadian funds, and all others will be paid in U.S. dollars.

Payments are made to the freelancer via an electronic transfer or a recognized payment platform such as PayPal once the story is assigned by an editor.

If you write in a native language other than English, we have language-specific storyboards available in the language dropdown above.

To view details of a story, click on the summary below.

Before you attempt to claim a story by clicking the Claim Story button inside the detail view, make sure you have email handling configured on your computer.