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Los escritores en español pueden visualizar la lista de historias en su idioma original aquí

Journalists play a crucial role in a free democracy. And establishing Orato.world into a global brand as a financially sustainable media platform aids in making journalists indispensable in a free democracy.

With the guiding principle of full transparency, we extend this offer so our journalists can claim their rightful place as agents of truth.

We are open to negotiating your pay-scale for the commissioned story and what we offer publicly is the minimum we will pay. However, based on the compelling nature, the scope of the story pitch, and potential reach of the story subjects, we will, in good faith, negotiate a mutually agreeable, equitable, and higher pay-scale.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for freelancers who can reach out to those who have experienced life-altering or ground-shaking events for first-person narrative stories on our site.

Freelance writers are responsible for fact-checking, researching, confirming the identity of the interview subject, writing the story draft, and providing complimenting multimedia assets (such as photographs, video, and or audio clips). You can either claim one of the stories we’ve approved from the list below or pitch stories through our story portal. If your idea is accepted by an editor, you will be asked to complete a short Freelancer Assessment form to confirm your qualifications. If you’ve previously written for us, you’ll be able to pitch the story and bypass the assessment.

Please claim one story at a time.

  • Normal-length stories (500 words minimum) pay $25 USD*
  • Long-form stories (2,000 words minimum) pay $100 USD*

Freelancers from Canada will receive payment in Canadian funds, and all others will be paid in U.S. dollars.

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To become a vetted writer for Orato, you’ll need to have an article published to our site or you’ll need to complete our freelance assessment.

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