Gaby Sambuccetti celebrates on a London rooftop after receiving the prestigious Cosmos Davenport-Hines Prize for poetry
As we choose our paths in life, other paths evaporate. I cannot know what might have happened to me on those other paths. I would choose this one again and again. If I could speak to my younger self today, I would say, “Gaby, you are about to emigrate. Do not suffer, because I will take care of you.”
David Hardy pictured at a Pride Parade in Pristina, Albania
Headed home late at night from the center of Tirana, someone grabbed me. I did not see it coming. A fist slammed into my face and knocked me to the ground. Blood dripped out of my lip as the culprits ran away. I reported the crime, but the authorities found no suspects.
Energy, tenderness, and joy united in the performances, reflecting the atmosphere and aesthetic of our theater. Every time the students danced, I saw a little glint light up their eyes. The energy of that glint grew into a bright flame of passion that spread among the hall that day.
Fatbardha's expired passport, which document's Spain's view that she hails from an "unknown country"
I feel like I can’t reconcile the two halves of my heritage. I have a lot of Spanish in me, in my character, and in my way of acting. I also have a lot of Albanian. Those two parts of me are always in conflict.