Latin America

When the municipality approved the coffee shop venture, the owners reached out to the families of each prospective employee to make sure we still wanted to work there. I said yes without knowing what I was getting into. When I arrived at Krüg Café, I suddenly understood. Happiness and excitement filled me. This place offered me the chance to work, have my own money, and finally become an adult.
Mother finds mass graves in Mexico, in search of her sons kidnapped by cartel
Every day, I walked through uninhabited fields and city drains. There, I found my first body – a young man who had been kidnapped and left in a drainage canal. Seeing a dead person and thinking it could be my son shocked me, but that body was only the first of hundreds of people we found in a country where disappearances increase daily.
Filmmaker Gareth Sella is interviewed after being shot in a Colombian protest
When the ESMAD began using stun guns, I found myself in the middle of chaos. Everyone started running. Right there in the street, someone shot me from behind. I felt the impact on my face and ran desperately seeking help. I touched my left eye. Blood poured down.
Rubia Palacios, president of the Commandos, works on a patient
We looked across a ravine, which had become a terrible, raging river, and saw children on the other side. We threw ourselves at the river, using sustained ties to get in and out. As I carried the children across, I prayed to God they would not let go of me.
Don Felipe, a man from a province very far from La Paz, arrives to receive a prosthetic from Roly Mamani
Our first patient, Richard Vargas, arrived with two forearm amputations. We labored to find a solution. The moment we placed the prosthetics on him, magic filled the air. Suddenly you did not see a person missing parts of his body, you saw someone with the potential to be mentally and physically well.
Roxana Hernández acting in the short film Los Eesaparecidos
Outside, people greeted me as a singer, a smiling actress, and a cheerful young woman from a noble family. “Why did you leave your art,” they asked, “Why don’t you return to the stage?” I bowed my head with shame.
Whether under the scorching summer sun or in the cold winter wind, there is no other feeling like embracing the fertile environment. Nature has that ability to fill you with life. I feel a strong responsibility to respond to the environment by working with organic alternatives to grow crops without chemicals.
In each little free moment—on busses, in my dressing room before a recording began or at home before sleeping at night—I referenced my spreadsheet of words and definitions. It gave me confidence, but I also noticed that luck seemed to work in a particular way as well; more than once, they asked me about a word that I read for the first time just that day or the day before.