Latin America

These are two examples of the toy "mash-ups" created at Milonga Customs - a successful custom toy company featured on Instagram.
When my parents went to work, I used the afternoons alone to start making more dolls. I once spent an entire semester modifying an Ecto-1, the car from the Ghostbusters. In that era, the Fast and Furious remained a popular series, so I burned the wheel axles enough to bring the chassis closer to the ground.
Animals live amongst the waste that litters the beaches of the Valdes Peninsula in Patagonia
As things become worse year after year, I feel exhausted. We beg to be listened to; for authorities to exert more control over the fishing industry. Frustration lives inside of me every day as we feel neglected and abandoned, facing this endless problem on our own.
Apaldetti and her team in San Juan discovered a giant dinosaur
I noticed my fast heartbeat. My body shivered out of excitement. Not wanting to waste any time, I quickly started to unearth the fossils with my team. The more we dug, important parts began to emerge. It became a moment of great sentiment for everyone. I felt euphoric and could not hold back my anxiety. I wanted to find all of the bones.
Andrea Palacios made history as the youngest pilot to become a flight chief in Latin American and the first to fly with an all-female crew in Venezuela
The first time I entered the cabin of an airplane I was seven years old. It felt like going to an amusement park I always wanted to visit. There I stood, living my dream. I knew then and there, I wanted to spend my life there. I felt amazed by the action taking place before, during, and after takeoff. Seeing the entire team carry out a flight, I decided to become a pilot.
After losing a leg in an accident, professional salsa dancer finds her balance and begins dancing again
When the video ended, I went onstage and put down my crutches. I danced a choreographed routine we prepared in record time. My movements harmonized with the music. Throughout the performance, I kept my balance, dancing on one leg. The audience could not believe their eyes.
Alvaro started Project Tawala to help abandoned animals
When I first saw Azai in a photo someone sent me on WhatsApp, the small, white dog looked sick and had a swollen face. He must have been about eight months old. I did not intend to rescue Azai because we had little space left, but after seeing his photo I could not refuse.
It never rains in September in Colombia, but that year, the rain poured down after we hung the fabrics. Water poured out of the sky. I could hear and smell the rain falling against the ground and on our beloved fabrics. My dear colleague Carmen Julia from Ecuador said, “Don’t worry, the rain represents the tears of disappeared people. Their memory is speaking to us.”