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Searching for Foreign Correspondents

In countries in South America, Central America, India, North America, Africa, the Middle East, China, Russia, the Balkans, Europe, and Israel.

Are you a freelance journalist or professional writer interested in joining a growing and inspiring international publishing platform?

Orato World Media publishes true stories about real people written and verified by journalists across the globe. Our vision at Orato is to reclaim trust in news media events by only publishing verifiable content, written in the words of those who actually experienced the event. By giving men, women, and children around the world the opportunity to speak their truth, and by publishing their stories in English and their native language, Orato allows us to share common values by encouraging citizens to learn, understand, and empathize with one another – helping remove the divide which separates us.

At orato.staging.tempurl.host, we are a cadre of reporters, professional writers, editors, developers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, and professionals passionate about journalism, media literacy, humanity, fair and free democracy, and ending the age of misinformation. We are a global brand that believes in what we as media professionals are capable of in a collaborative and supportive, dynamic team.

About the opportunity

Foreign Correspondents will work together with Orato’s team through digital platforms. Foreign Correspondents retained on an ongoing basis will be required to produce 2.5 stories per week, averaging 10 stories every four weeks, that meet the clear standard of what constitutes an Orato story. Producing stories includes subject identification, interviews, and drafting. Qualified stories are then submitted for final copy editing. For each story, foreign correspondents are responsible for verifying and researching the contextual ‘background’ section confirming the veracity of the story, positively identifying and defining the subject profile, and providing all accompanying multimedia assets available which may include but are not limited to photos, videos, and/ or audio clips.

Candidates must be bilingual and fluent in speaking and writing in English, as well as their native language. Foreign Correspondents should also be fluent in social media marketing techniques so Orato can extend its reach and permeate the brand by sharing our unique, inspiring, and powerful stories on their own social media networks and in their communities, as well as encouraging subjects to do the same as appropriate.

Foreign Correspondents will be selected from the pool of current freelance journalists writing for Orato and those who join the “Inside Orato Channel” which is free, quick, and easy. The first step in being considered for Foreign Correspondents is to visit orato.staging.tempurl.host today, complete the Freelancer Assessment, and begin pitching and earning money for the approved stories you write at the publicly disclosed per-story rate fee (Pitch Stories | Orato). Freelancers will continually be reviewed for Foreign Correspondent opportunities as our brand grows, we extend our audience reach, and as they become available.

Regional editors will be paid on an ongoing monthly-rate basis, contingent on delivering 2.5 stories/week or 10 stories every four weeks including 8 short-form and 2 long-form stories. That monthly rate exceeds the per-story fee paid to freelancers.

Technical qualifications

Orato freelancers and foreign correspondents must be experienced journalists familiar with APA standards and capable of writing in the Orato first-person style while maintaining rock-solid fact-checking and verification skills.

At Orato, we do not discriminate against anyone because of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, national origin, and/or unique abilities or disabilities, and neither will you. You rise in seniority as you demonstrate proficiency in writing and copy-editing abilities. Skills in photography, videography, podcasting, and/or illustration will only enhance stories. At a minimum, freelancers and foreign correspondents must be able to obtain multimedia assets to accompany stories.

Of great priority is the ability to collaborate with team members in a healthy, inclusive, and supportive work environment for everyone.


Visit orato.staging.tempurl.host and complete the freelancer assessment. Once accepted, join the

Inside-Orato group and begin to claim or pitch stories. Foreign correspondents will be selected from the current, active group of freelancers as RE positions are available.