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Orato World Media is seeking freelance journalists to create and produce stories for the site.

  • 3 years ago
  • September 22, 2020
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Orato World Media is relaunching our first-person, true-story website and seeking freelance journalists to create and produce stories for the site.

All freelancer journalists will:

  • Be compensated for qualified Orato content.
  • Verify the identity of story subjects.
  • Fact-check all elements of the content they are producing.
  • Compose the story in the first person and in the words of the subject/interviewee.
  • Conduct interviews preferably in-person. Failing which, on the phone, and in video calls.
  • Take meticulous notes.
  • Provide several images and or video/audio clip to run with the story.
  • Provide background info for the story to run in a sidebar.
  • Work closely with a regional editor to craft the final draft.

Required skills:

  • Degree or diploma in journalism or communications preferred.
  • Efficient research, interview, and writing skills.
  • Knowledge of the culture and region’s background.
  • Personable, confident, and curious nature.
  • A flair for storytelling.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Embraces ethical reporting and making a positive contribution to Journalism.
  • Passionate about revealing the interview subject’s truth.

Great-to-have skills:

  • Experience with WordPress.
  • Experience writing in AP or Chicago Style.
  • Elevated news judgment.
  • Marketing using social media.

For more, go to https://orato.world and view Claim Story page.


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