Digital nomad, content creator shares insight on living remote lifestyle

The excitement and joy of leaping into the unknown mixed with a sense of trepidation. In Spain, each of us began to take on our own adventures. Everything suddenly felt very real. Stress and worry invaded my thoughts and prevented me from sleeping.

  • 1 year ago
  • March 6, 2023
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Digital nomad Carla Díaz heads off on her next adventure Digital nomad Carla Díaz heads off on her next adventure | Photo courtesy of Carla Díaz
Interview Subject
Carla Díaz – known on social media as Carla with Wifi – lives as a digital nomad and content creator. She shares her adventures on social media and works remotely. In her videos and posts, she offers details and data about the places she visits but also teaches her followers how they can be freelancers. In fact, she has an exclusive profile called ‘learn with wifi,’ in which she uploads diverse content with the aim of raising awareness about various tools to work online. She tries to share this lifestyle as a digital nomad so that more people are encouraged to live this way.
Background Information
Carla is considered a pioneer on the topic of digital nomadism, as she was one of the first people to talk about it openly. She currently has 666,000 followers on Instagram, over 217,000 on Twitter, and over 422,000 on Tik Tok. In December, she started a series called ‘ideas to make money online in 2023’ showing various options to work from the comfort of home or from anywhere in the world.

BUCHAREST, Romania ꟷ My life as a digital nomad began in 2020. Venezuelan by birth, but Mexican at heart, I had lived for seven years in Mexico with my father and brother. We ran an e-commerce company, but things began to feel too small for me. My home looked more like a warehouse full of boxes and products, than a livable space. A deep desire to do more with my life constantly invaded my thoughts, yet, it felt like I had so much at stake.

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An ad for flights and a quick but life-changing decision

The company already had employees, but leaving Mexico would mean giving up control of the entire operation. I felt scared, but in a comedic twist, the decision that seemed so impossible to make, came about on impulse, in the blink of an eye.

My brother and I pulled up to DHL – the shipping company where we sent out boxes to customers. I stayed back in the car while he went inside. A notification popped up from a Mexican airline offering a sale on flights. It seemed like a deal I couldn’t refuse. In my mind, I thought, “I need to buy these tickets now,” so I did. When I realized what I had done, excitement and nervousness flooded through me.

We got home and I told our father. To our surprise, the idea of an adventure excited him and he promised to join us. The date on the calendar not only marked our new life as digital nomads, it represented the expiration date on our life in Mexico. We needed to prepare. Together, my father, brother and I worked out every loose end. We finished out the lease on the house, transition the company, communicate with the employees, and sell all our belongings.

Against the clock, we accomplished everything, and began to fill our suitcases full of clothes, but we also packed up all our hopes and expectations. Our next stop: Spain!

Learning the challenges and opportunities of being a digital nomad

The excitement and joy of leaping into the unknown mixed with a sense of trepidation. In Spain, each of us began to take on our own adventures. Everything suddenly felt very real. One particularly difficult moment came up when we realized the challenges of having a new partner with different ideas in the company in Mexico. Stress and worry invaded my thoughts and prevented me from sleeping. I faced a new city where I knew no one, and I had left all my friends behind.

So, I set about traveling. After Madrid, I visited Warsaw, Lisbon, Croatia, Finland, and Lagos. Each visit to a new location helped me grow and gave me new experiences. Eventually, I traveled back to Warsaw to spend some time with friends. Surrounded by familiar spaces and a return to routine helped me to refocus – something you need when you live the life of a digital nomad. I began to realize I loved my new life, but deep down I missed something. I needed to make sure I had opportunities to enjoy the familiarity. Now, my family and I have rented a place in Bucharest where we will explore for the next year.

Finding my true self and sharing it with others

After a few months as a digital nomad, in April 2021, I started creating content on my social networks. At first, no one supported me or agreed with this decision. Then, one day in therapy, I told my psychologist, “Look, I want to do this, but I have no encouragement from anyone.” She looked at me and said, “You should try. The worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work out.”

I forged forward and soon realized, creating content felt akin to keeping a journal of my experiences and lifestyle. When I needed to, I could turn to that material to remember my feelings. I built a website and created a presence on Tik Tok, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. As I made videos and wrote, my content became a mix of travel stories and the process of working remotely and freelancing.

In time, my self-esteem improved. I began to see how I underestimated my life and let go of things that were irrelevant. By sharing interesting stories with the world, I see how my achievements inspire people who follow me. I leave my mark on them, and it makes me feel incredibly good about this journey.

Today, I love my job, and I love what I do. I can thank myself for taking that plunge, trusting my instincts, and following my vision. Above all, I feel so grateful that I did not let fear prevent me from taking risks.

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