Argentinian influencer battled depression, helps others through Crossfit

My name is Catalina Guimarey, but I go by “Cata” Guimarey. Working out is in my blood, and it helped me become who I am today.

  • 3 years ago
  • August 7, 2021
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Before and after of Cata | IG Cata Guimarey Before and after of Cata | IG Cata Guimarey
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Cata Guimarey is 29 years old and is an Argentinian influencer, personal trainer, and creator of the brand BeFit by Cata. She is a Reebook Ambassador in Argentina and offers training sessions on her Instagram pages @cataguimarey and @befitbycata.

Cata overcame her own weight loss struggles to discover her best self and now shares that journey with others.
Physical activity is any body movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. It includes sports and exercise and daily activities such as climbing stairs, doing chores at home or work, walking or cycling, and recreational activities.

In Argentina, according to the National Survey of Risk Factors (ENFR-2018), four out of 10 people do not perform the amount of physical activity recommended to maintain good health. That is, they do not reach the number of daily minutes of regular practice necessary for their age. Within this group, adults over 65 are the most affected.

The recommended amount of daily physical activity includes 60 minutes per day for children and adolescents between 5 and 17 years old; and 30 minutes per day for adults 18 and older.

The benefits associated with the regular practice of physical activity include strengthening muscles, bones, and joints; reducing the risk of falls in older adults; improving aerobic capacity; reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes; controlling weight and favorably affecting the distribution of body fat; improving mood and relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins and serotonin.

PILAR, BUENOS AIRES, Argentina As a young girl, my family encouraged me and my siblings to play sports, not as a hobby, but as a lifestyle. In school, I played tennis, hockey, and I swam.

At 17-years-old, I enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and I stopped all my sports. To me, that stage of my life was finished.

Taking care of myself stopped being a priority. I went out late into the night, drank alcohol, and smoked. I became depressed and spent my days on the couch or in bed, doing nothing. Life was meaningless, and I ate nonstop. 

I tried all kinds of diets but never achieved long-term results.

There was no purpose in my life and my former self was like a ghostly past I couldn’t recognize. I didn’t like the image looking back at me in the mirror.

Then, thanks to a friend, I took a job as a receptionist at a gym and my life completely changed.

From early Crossfit training to Instagram fame

I discovered the world of Crossfit.

New opportunities appeared in front of me; it was like a miracle. I started to practice Crossfit regularly and, although it seems solitary, motivation comes from the person competing next to you.

That sense of teamwork took me back to my roots. 

I was motivated again. I quickly knew this was my way back. In the beginning, the exercises were challenging for me. It was hard to find the rhythm of the training sessions and to regain the discipline I used to have.

I thought I wouldn’t make it and was terrified of failing. I used to cry alone, at home. People often do not realize how hard it is to train when you are overweight. 

Little by little, I achieved the goals I set for myself. I noticed the changes, not only in my body but in my self-esteem. It was a 180-degree transformation.

After that, I began competing in high performance Crossfit. I competed for five years while teaching and realized I liked to share my experience. I decided to become a personal trainer.

Without leaving the modality, I adapted the exercises and mixed them with fitness, a discipline that further stylizes the body. I shared my training through my Instagram account @cataguimarey.

My starting point has always been to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, not just exercise or diet. Habits are the key, and they bring you general well-being of body, mind, and soul.

My program, The BeFit by Cata Program was born, and together, with collaborators in all areas, my new dream became a reality. BeFit consists of five days of training and two days of rest with guidelines to follow based on what works: food, exercise, rest, and meditation.

I am living proof that it is effective.

The pandemic, empowering projects

The quarantine forced us all to change our habits, but in my case, I took it as an opportunity to reach a more significant number of people.

I created the @befitbycata Instagram account in October 2019 and reached a large following quickly. Today, I have more than 100,000 followers. In this profile, I upload information about the program and I do lives twice a week dedicated to workouts.

The best results are achieved as a team, so the BeFit plan includes nutritionists, meditation, coaches, recipe uploads, and a product store through the website.

I never thought I would go this far, and I want to keep growing.

I reach people from all over the world and their messages comfort my soul. It is very gratifying to see the growth in each of my students.

The message I want to leave with people is that the outside is a true reflection of what we are inside. It is essential to be good to ourselves so that goodness is externalized.

Set goals that challenge your limits and see them through, so you can find the best version of yourself.

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