These boys in Myanmar monastery never sleep

The kids at Sagaing Hill's Buddhist monastery-school in Myanmar are unlike any other.

The kids at Sagaing Hill’s Buddhist monastery-school in Myanmar are unlike any other.

Many are sent to the monastery to study and have a better life. They receive a Buddhist education and, once they grow up, they can decide to become proper monks or nuns.

One night, I awoke at 3:30 a.m. and noticed the boys sleeping on the ground of the courtyard. 

They were too exhausted to go sleep in their beds after all that playing and running around outside.

In the monastery the kids lead a simple life. 

They have no smartphones, no video games, no playstation, no WIFI. 

They make do as best they can. If they don’t have a ball to play football, they make one.

They share the same space and food without pretensions, without fights, without prevailing over the other. They are small pieces of a bigger mosaic.

Like a big family, they protect and support each other, while the night silently watches over them.

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