Interflora holds Best Artisan Florist competition in Toledo, Spain

The city's inhabitants and tourists who traveled from across the country enjoyed the floral landscape that adorned the space.

TOLEDO, Spain — Highlighting the trade of floristry and the talent of artisans, Interflora organizes the Best Artisan Florist of Spain (MAF) every year. Hosted by different cities each year, MAF 2022 – the seventh edition of the event – took place in Toledo. Interflora along with Toledo City Council put together the event. MAF 2022 saw 24 participants competing and putting their knowledge and creativity into practice.

Each contestant had to complete 10 challenges with established time limits. The competition lasted for four days, from September 28 to October 1. The competitions included individual and group activities, with surprise elements that each florist had to overcome.

The city’s inhabitants and tourists who traveled from across the country enjoyed the floral landscape that adorned the space.

The florist Patricia Aguín won the contest, not only surprising the judges at each level but also showcasing her ability to create unique floral arrangements for different events. She found her way into the 10 qualified semi-finalists and then among the five finalists.

In September 2015, Interflora organized the first edition of the annual Best Artisan Florist. It began with the purpose of highlighting the profession of florists and the floral sector in Spain. The competition is open to the public. For four days, the competing florists face the floral work-related tasks set by the organization. At the end of the contest, the title of Best Artisan Florist of the year is awarded. The initiative has the support of schools, training centers, wholesalers, producers, gardening centers, importers, and various companies.

All photographs by Xochilth Rodriguez.

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