Stunning images capture the heart of the Tango Festival & World Cup

For the first in-person event in three years, couples from different parts of the world came together in Buenos Aires to dispute the title of the best in their category.

  • 7 months ago
  • October 26, 2022
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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — The Tango Festival & World Cup is the most important event of its kind on a global level. Featuring weeks of activities related to Tango, the event sees couples coming from different parts of the world. The festival’s19th year took place in September 2022. Dance enthusiasts came from countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Russia, the United States, Italy, Brazil, China, the Philippines, Germany, Bolivia, Mexico, Japan, and Venezuela to compete for the throne with the best exponents of the discipline.

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For the first time after three years, all the couples were present in person at the final. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the World Cup was held in virtual format. The next year, they used a hybrid modality so that participants from more distant places could compete by video.

This year, out of 562 couples, 60 selected finalists got to show their art in front of around 20,000 spectators. The stage, set up outdoors, had the Obelisk, a Buenos Aires icon, in the background. People watched it online as well, through different web platforms. Lasting five hours, the show included live performances by over 80 artists, captivating the audience.

The Tango Festival includes two categories. In Tango de Pista – with feet on the floor and a sustained embrace, danced in milongas – 40 couples competed for the title. In Stage Tango, which involves choreography along with pirouettes and skills, there were 20 finalist couples. These couples hailed from Argentina, Russia, Colombia, Holland, Japan, and Italy. Sebastian Bolivar and Cynthia Palacios won in the Tango de Pista category. Ricardo Astrada and Constanza Vieyto came out as winners in the Stage Tango category.

All photographs by Jaime Andrés Olivos.

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