Philippines’ People Power Revolution commemorated as one of the greatest non-violent activist efforts of all time

The EDSA Revolution, or the People Power Revolution, came about due to human rights abuses, authoritarian rule, and corruption and plunder by the Marcos family during their 20-year reign. The Marcos family drained the country’s resources, plummeting it into debt, until they were exiled.

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  • March 26, 2023
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QUEZON CITY, Philippines — 37 years ago the People Power Revolution on February 25, 1986 ousted President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr. from his two-decade-long dictatorship. Today, his only son Ferdinand “Bong Bong” R. Marcos, Jr. serves as the Philippine president. 

Ironically, Marcos, Jr. declared the uprising a special working holiday to commemorate the historical event. Protesters find the gesture offensive. They believe it serves as a strategy to confuse and misinform the Filipino people about what an EDSA Revolution is all about. They say President Marcos, Jr. used this same strategy to win the Philippine election in May 2022. Many believe he manipulated the election results, some 31,629,783 votes, leading to his landslide success.

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The EDSA Revolution or the People Power Revolution came about due to human rights abuses and authoritarian rule. The Filipino people rose up against corruption and plunder by the Marcos family. During their 20-year reign, the Marcos family drained the country’s resources and plummeted it into debt until they were exiled. The non-violent revolution ended their political power and inspired the uprising of pro-democracy in different parts of the globe.

Several different groups and organizations gathered this year at the People Power monument to honor the victims of human rights abuse and to bring awareness to the event that changed history. In the original uprising, Filipinos from all over the country protested the authoritarian government and military from February 22 to February 25, 1986. Considered to be the biggest non-violent demonstration held in Manila, the historical event spurred change all over the world, as citizens throughout the globe watched the events unfold.

All photos courtesy of George Buid.

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