Heroic paramedic sacrificed her life to save others when Hamas attacked Israel

When she answered, her voice shook with fear. She was shot, and the only person left standing. “They are right here,” she told us. “Stay strong. I love you.” After she whispered these last words to me, we lost our connection.

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  • December 21, 2023
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Amit, a young and heroic paramedic living in the kibbutz in Israel, lost her life saving others when Hamas attacked on October 7, 2023. | Photo courtesy of Haviva Isaacson Amit, a young and heroic paramedic living in the kibbutz in Israel, lost her life saving others when Hamas attacked on October 7, 2023. | Photo courtesy of Haviva Isaacson
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Haviva Isaacson is the elder sister of Amit Mann, a heroic EMT and paramedic who tragically lost her life on October 7, 2023 when Hamas invaded the kibbutz in southern Israel. Amit, who started her ambulance service career in 2015, quickly progressed from a youth volunteer to a qualified EMT and then a paramedic. Dedicated to her work in Israel’s Negev region, she was known for her bravery and selflessness. On the day of the tragedy, despite being off-duty, Amit rushed from her home in the kibbutz Be’eri to aid the wounded at a local clinic.
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On October 7, 2023, southern Israel was invaded by Hamas terrorists. Over 5,000 rockets were fired, and more than 300 militants invaded the communities near the Gaza border, attacking, killing, and kidnapping civilians. This led to the tragic deaths of over 1,400 civilians, with 213 taken hostage. In the kibbutz Be’eri, the onslaught was particularly brutal, resulting in over 107 fatalities, including the young paramedic, Amit Mann, who perished while assisting those wounded in the clinic.

BE’ERI, Israel —  At 6:30 a.m. on October 7, 2023, I awoke to my phone buzzing and a flood of urgent messages in my family’s WhatsApp group. After a serious rocket strike in the south of Israel, my mother and sisters sought shelter in their safe room and sent worry-filled texts. From my home in the north, I replied, “Stay safe.”

We were familiar with the alerts, but 30 minutes later something left me terribly unsettled. From a safe room in the kibbutz Be’eri, my younger sister Amit typed, “Gunshots. Chaos. Terrorists all over the kibbutz.” Known for her bravery, Amit wasted no time. She seized her paramedic bag and dashed to the clinic to aid the wounded.

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A flood of urgent messages: my sister stands as a paramedic during Hamas invasion

By 7:00 a.m., the clinic transformed into a battleground as Amit treated the injured. The first time she called us to check in her voice filled with urgency and it pierced the chaos. “They’re all around,” she said. “We are trapped.” As she worked, Amit faced a reality starkly opposite of her dreams. Amit valued peace and healing. Now she found herself surrounded by the injured and the dead.

From 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., her texts and calls painted a vivid portrait of the crisis. Amit sent frequent updates providing important details about the injured, describing the biting smell of smoke, and pointing to the ever-present threat of terrorists closing in.

However, my sister’s determination remained unshakable. She tirelessly contacted her supervisors, advocating for the evacuation of the wounded. Even though she knew no ambulance could penetrate the kibbutz, Amit’s resolve never wavered.

Armed with limited medical supplies, she administered first aid, offered comfort, and spoke encouraging words. She fashioned makeshift cushions and ensured patients had access to water. With Hamas terrorists surrounding the kibbutz, Amit kept in constant contact with us and urgently sought updates on the military’s actions.

To distract her, I asked about her status and that of her medical team. She worked alongside a nurse and a dentist, all pushing their own limits. Amit described the grim scene vividly. They treated people with multiple injuries and severe bleeding and were in desperate need of evacuation.

The clinic fell, Hamas terrorists broke through

Around 2:00 p.m., Amit’s texts became more urgent. She said Hamas terrorists were striking the clinic. The messages in our family’s WhatsApp group shifted to a mix of prayers and anxious updates. The security team at the kibbutz, armed only with M16s, ran out of ammunition. Amit became resigned to the situation but continued to express concerns for our safety.

When the terrorists finally overwhelmed the clinic, Amit’s next message sent chills down my spine. “They are here,” she wrote, “inside the clinic. I might not survive.” I called her without hesitation. The second she answered I implored, “Stay strong,” while grappling with the possibility these could be her last words. The thought of losing her in such a terrifying way felt agonizing.

Amit, a heroic paramedic from her kibbutz, tragically lost her life while saving others from Hamas in the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel. | Photo courtesy of Haviva Isaacson

Soon after that, communication stopped. Our WhatsApp group exploded with frantic pleas: “Amit, please signal you are okay.” She managed to send an audio clip filled with the sound of gunfire. We heard her pleading with Shakha, a member of the security team. The audio confirmed our fears. They shot Shakha, and Amit would most likely be next.

I desperately called Amit a third time. When she answered, her voice shook with fear. She was shot, and the only person left standing. “They are right here,” she told us. “Stay strong. I love you.” After she whispered these last words to me, we lost our connection. I never heard from my courageous sister again.

We will never forget the day Hamas attacked Israel and my sister lost her life

For the next two days, hope kept my family going. We prayed Amit might still be alive, even knowing she sustained an injury. We checked every news source, hoping Hamas took her hostage. Then, on the third day, the Israeli Defense Force confirmed our worst fears. Amit died in the kitchen at the clinic. She was among 107 others in her kibbutz who lost their lives.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas tragically took the life of Amit, a devoted paramedic (left). Her sister Haviva remembers her with love and pride. | Photo courtesy of Haviva Isaacson

Losing Amit – our family’s youngest and brightest star – broke us. She fell to a senseless conflict while helping the injured until the end of her life. Losing her created a void for all of us. My mother struggles every day now, facing the immense pain of this trauma and the death of her daughter.

Amit lived her life emphasizing the importance of kindness and bravery. She passed away a hero, saving others. I often listen to her voice recordings. It allows me to hold onto her memory. Deeply effected by the events of October 7, 2023, my family lives in a state of profound mourning. We will never forget the tragedy that took so many lives, including my little sister Amit.

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