Sword makers in Spain forge ancient weapons at Mariano Zamorano Factory  

Toledo is recognized as one of the primary historical locations for the forging of ancient swords in Spain. The Mariano Zamorano Factory continues the legacy using ancient techniques from the Spanish Empire.

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  • August 16, 2022
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TOLEDO, SPAIN – Mariano Zamorano Fernández, a trained swordsmith, founded the Mariano Zamorano factory in 1951. Continuing a seven-decade legacy of manufacturing hand-crafted weapons, they forge swords using techniques by the historical Spanish empire. Set in the culturally rich Spanish city of Toledo, the factory team provides customers with high quality products with historical characteristics.

According to Santiago Encinas, factory manager, although swords are not objects for habitual use, many people acquire them to honor the tradition of sword collection and decoration. He pointed out, “The making of swords in Toledo possibly began in the Bronze Age. Time passed, and the sword makers made the most of ancient swords from Toledo’s Iberian and Roman times. Looking back to those times in our catalog, we have Iberian Celtic swords and Viking swords from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The sword is a weapon, and the variety depends on the different fighting forms within the battle.”

Currently, among the five sword factories in the province of Toledo, two forge by hand. The Mariano Zamorano factory is the only one within the historic center. They recently made weapons for the series “El Cid” on Amazon Prime.

Fernández intends to leave the legacy to his son, Mariano Zamorano Encinas.

Photos by Xochilth Rodriquez.

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