Netflix’s new season of The Circle is underway. We caught up with Seaburn (aka: Rebecca) from Season 1 for an insider look

Episode Four of The Circle (Trivia Night) proved my most challenging moment. My team lost the game and the opportunity to receive videos from home. My great grandfather was sick with bone marrow cancer. A video from home would have meant everything.

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  • January 11, 2023
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Seaburn Williams joined the cast of Season One of the popular Netflix show The Circle and made it to the top five. Seaburn Williams joined the cast of Season One of the popular Netflix show The Circle and made it to the top five. | Photo courtesy of Seaburn Williams
Interview Subject
Seaburn Williams is an American reality star who is best known for his appearance on Netflix’s hit reality show “The Circle.” He also has a popular Instagram account featuring lifestyle, fashion, and travel content. Seaburn works with Victory Human Services as a direct marketer. The organization out of Boston specializes in helping people with medical conditions, disabilities and mental illness. Seaburn is also pursuing a career in television and film. Most recently, he is working in production on the set for the Walt Disney television show True Lies. Seaburn has also worked as a model. Find Seaburn on:
Background Information
Netflix’s The Circle is a popular streaming series now in its fifth season. Netflix describes the show as a social experiment where status and strategy collide. In the competition show, online players flirt, befriend, and catfish their way toward a $100,000 prize. Season One came out in 2020. In 2021, Netflix released seasons 2 and 3, and in 2022, seasons 4 and 5. Netflix also released versions in France and Brazil.

ATLANTA, Georgia ꟷ The Circle knows how to make great television because when I made it to the finale, I was shitting bricks! The tv said, “Congratulations, you made it to the last elimination,” and my heart leapt out of my chest. I shouted, “We did it! We’re here!” Shooby, Joey, Chris, Sammi, Ed, and I made it.

Being on the show was actually peaceful. I got a solid break from reality. I went to sleep and woke up playing the game. When you arrive at The Circle, you think you know what you are getting into, but you don’t. Your strategy becomes the personality and characteristics you take on.

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It was the most focused I felt in a long time. I left behind social media, my phone, the television, computers, family, friends, and all the “he-said-she-said” craziness of people. It was just me, the apartment, and the game. The cheat code is this: when you get to The Circle, establish an alliance right out of the gate. If you do that, you become safe; you’re in.

Things move fast in The Circle

My most nerve-wracking moment on The Circle came in Episode Nine when Alex Lake (aka: Adam) got blocked. Me and Shooby (Shubham Goel) made it to the elimination room to deliberate. My two allies were Shooby and Alex, and I wanted to keep them both to give me a booster, but I decided to protect the OG’s. Shooby and I eliminated Alex.

The Circle said Alex could go to one person’s room after his elimination. While I could not be sure, I believed Alex would come see me. I hid behind a plant in my apartment, trying to blend in with the tree and be one with nature.

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After eliminations, the producers knocked on everyone’s door and opened them. You did not know who would be on the other side. When I heard the knock and my door opened, my heart dropped to the back of my buns. I felt my emotions running high.

None if it was scripted. The entire show remains 100 percent real. You know what they say: “Things move fast in The Circle!” The door opened and I heard, “Oh my gosh!” Standing in the living room in my blue shirt and army pants, my eyes widened.

What Rebecca did on The Circle was her business, not mine!

I looked around the corner to see Alex walking in. “Holy shit,” he shouted. I picked him up and spun him around. A moment of relief came over me, knowing we were both catfish. If he was a real person and not a catfish, he would have been heartbroken seeing me catfishing as a woman. I knew he played the same game I did, and we would continue being friends after the show.

Watch the first episode from Season One of The Circle featuring Seaburn Williams

I made sure Alex felt comfortable, gave him snacks, and something to drink. Then, we just talked. He said, “You are doing exactly what I wanted to do,” and I said, “I’m just playing the game!” I had a strategy and stuck with it. Alex thanked me and left, and my heart felt so relieved. I felt confident I could continue.

Then, I had a decision to make. I could be dishonest and say he never came, or I could tell the truth and let everyone know we had a great conversation. I chose to be honest. It makes you more personable. Plus, I was already lying; I was already playing the catfish in the game. Having made it that far without facing elimination, I stuck to the course. I played Rebecca knowing what she did was her business, not mine! I wanted to make it to the end.

Seaburn faced homesickness and the death of his uncles

Episode Four of The Circle (Trivia Night) was my episode in Season One. My team lost the game and the opportunity to receive videos from home. My great grandfather, who was like a dad to me, was sick with bone marrow cancer. A video from home would have meant everything. I could at least know my granddad was okay.

Flooded with homesickness, I sat on the couch and started to cry. My grandpa was my reason for being there. I remember not wanting to leave him and he said, “I’m going to break my foot off in your backside and we’re going to go together!” It was his way of saying, get your ass on that flight. I kept him in mind all the time, praying every night for God to give me more time with him.

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As I cried on the couch, the health and wellness team came to my apartment. During a break in filming in the middle of the episode, they took me to the roof while the game resumed. Two of the staff, Holly and Marcy, really knew what they were doing. The team told me at that point, while my grandfather was okay, two of my uncles died – one at 99 and one at 96.

Seaburn predicts his top five finish on The Circle

When I found out my uncles died, my heart broke. I thought that might be the moment I say, “I’m done. I need to get home.” There I was, over the great pond (in the U.K.) a country away. My head and thoughts became foggy.

I needed a hug to calm my nerves. Holly and Marcy gave me a big group hug and kept my head off a swivel. Holly said she knew things hurt right now but play your game. They will love you even more for living your life. They are older and moving on, but this is your moment.

Originally from Boston, Seaburn now lives in Atlanta and is pursuing a career in television and film. | Photo courtesy of Seaburn Williams

I turned to the wellness team and said I no longer needed to win, but I would play. I predicted finishing in the top five. They asked, “How do you know that” and I said, “I just do.” I made one request. When it was over, I wanted some cake, fish and chips, and some wine. I got all of it!

Episode four became my moment on The Circle. There I was, away from family in complete and utter isolation – just myself, the game, and my strategy. It was humbling to know you are person first – always a human first. To show humanity is to show humility.

The Circle Top Five: prepare for the party

Shooby, Joey, Chris, Sammi, Ed and I made it to the finale. The time came to do our final and last rating on The Circle. I arranged everything on screen and said, “Send rating.” As it came down to the last person, out of the six of us, Ed got blocked, leaving me in the top five. They told the rest of us to prepare for the party.

I threw on a shirt, draped a fur over my shoulders, and put on my black slacks and nice boots. A knock at my door signaled the time. “Are you ready,” they asked. The team walked me to the elevator and then down the hallway. It felt like the longest walk of my existence. I had no idea what to expect. I got to the door and opened it. Shooby waited inside. We had been tight, and now I had to reveal myself to him.

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From the gate, Shooby and I had a brother-sister bond. I had his back from day one and I knew, if Shooby was safe, I was safe. The girls had their eyes on other people like Antonio and Joey, but as I played Rebecca, I focused on Shooby as my ally.

When it came time for the party, I sweated bullets and prepared to take a behind-whooping. I worried when the guys found out I was a catfish, they would beat me up. I imagined Chris saying, “Get ‘em, bitch!”

But when I walked in and saw Shooby, though he looked shocked, he eventually said: “Rebecca? You played a hell of a game!” After the top five came together at the party, they all accepted me.

Why Seaburn played Rebecca and making friends for life

I have no regrets because I did what I set out to do on The Circle; I made the top five and the finale. I got to do it my way and I would not change it for the world. Today, I remain friends with all the guys. The only person I do not have contact with is Sammi. We had a falling out and went our own ways. I respect her as a person and know she is going to be who she is. You can’t change people.

For me, I always wanted to show my better nature – the person behind the character of Rebecca. Choosing to catfish as a girl, I could draw on the attention from the guys while still playing with the ladies, and not have to violate my principles doing it. Never did I want to make anything distasteful.

I catfished as my ex at the time, but I changed her name to Rebecca because Beyonce said, “Becky with the good hair!” It felt personable and relatable, plus I did not want to be flirting with the girls as a guy. It worked for me. I found that balance playing Rebecca. Women are the middle ground – they walk the line between both genders. They can hang with women and with men. I created my own environment and changed the narrative.

The five of us walked out of The Circle cracking jokes. It felt like an amazing time to bond. In fact, the final party was a truly wholesome, beautiful moment. These guys – who are my friends for life – are wholeheartedly genuine individuals. In my mind, I won the game!

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