Booming used clothing market in Bogota contributes to eco-friendly, circular fashion

In addition to making fashion more accessible, the used clothing market presents an informal job that generates a considerable source of income, especially during the current unemployment situation.

  • 6 months ago
  • November 19, 2022
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BOGOTA, Colombia — The purchase and sale of used clothing has trended amongst street vendors in the busy city of Bogota. These vendors use various display strategies to showcase their garments and attract the attention of passers-by.

Reportedly started in the 1950s, Bogota’s used or recycled clothing market gained popularity among sellers and buyers, particularly during the pandemic. In addition to making fashion more accessible, it creates informal job, generating income sources for residents. This becomes especially necessary in the current, difficult unemployment situation in the country.

The prices of used clothing remain more affordable. The market also contributes to environmentally friendly practices while extending the life cycle of the garments. Opting for circular fashion (using secondhand clothes, i.e.) prevents clothes from quickly ending up in waste. Furthermore, the maintenance costs of secondhand clothing are lower compared to the energy and economic costs of producing a new garment.

The evolution towards a used clothing market requires a change in consumption habits in society. Switching to the practice also involves adopting responsible and intelligent behavior that can impact the planet in a positive way.

All photographs by Carolina Sanchez Beltran.

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